Hiking to the Jesus Statute in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

When you arrive in the town of San Juan del sur, Nicaragua, if you look to the right you’ll notice a large white statue of Jesus (aka Christ of the Mercy) perched high in the hills.   It’s one of the 10 largest in the world and well worth hiking to!

Here’s a view looking down at the bay from the statue…


We began our hike from the center of town, making our way down the beach side road.


Past a beautifully detailed piece of street art…


Past a couple of lovely homes…


On the right you can see the Jesus statue…


Almost an hour later and a bit out of breath, we rounded a curve and more of the surrounding shoreline came into view…


Arriving to the top, the statue is magnificent and huge!  There is a $2.00 entry fee.


I talked Jing into posing for me standing on one of the concrete benches and she was almost blown away from the strong winds!


Coming back down, the bay comes into view…


Add this to your “must-do” things while visiting San Juan del Sur!


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