Amazing People in Portugal

Portugal is one of my favorite Countries in Europe!  And the people of Portugal are simply beautiful!!  I love people watching and of course…snapping photos of them!  Here are a few from my three-week trip (that you can read about here) back in 2010…

I saw this couple near Sintra, Portugal.  Aren’t they darling?


I fell in love with this man…even though I didn’t meet him!


This couple is so cute…and they look like they are in love!  I asked them if I could take their photo and as you can see…they had a fun energy!


I met these people while having lunch at a sidewalk cafe.  They were so much fun!  I don’t even remember what we were laughing at!


Around every corner there was a new delight!


I couldn’t believe it when I looked down this alleyway and saw a man holding half of a mannequin.  I quickly stopped him and pointed to my camera, so he posed for me!


Special people are all around us…we just need to open our eyes!

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