My last day in Mexico City

This morning I went to Starbucks and purchased a croissant sandwich along with some sweets to go. I found a bench to sit on to people/dog watch.  Some were in a hurry, some taking a leisurely stroll. There were solitary walkers and couples. Most had dogs.

I’m tired of Mexican food. Yesterday I went to a restaurant that a blogger recommended and it had been 6 hours since I’d eaten breakfast. They brought some chips and three different varieties of salsas.¬† They were all spicy but one in particular was very oily and had large chunks of something in it.¬† I began to feel ill. They brought my food, a salad and I’m not sure what the other dish was. I asked them to box it up to go, went to the restroom and vomited. On the walk home I was sweaty and vomited a few more times. Once home, I felt back to normal.

Paramo Restaurant

Although I have seen beautiful places and had some amazing experiences, I’m not cut out for city life.¬† When you’re gone from home in a foreign country for extended periods, you become more grateful for what you have at home. I miss taking a shower that doesn’t run out of hot water. I miss being able to brush my teeth with regular tap water. I miss my cat, and I know he misses me. I purchased some cameras so that I could check on him while I’m gone. I didn’t realize that when I clicked on one of the buttons that he could hear me. I thought it would be comforting for him but it just confused him.

I miss my patio, my dishwasher, and the ability to hop in my car and go somewhere. I miss being understood… not having to use Google translate.¬† I miss the quiet.

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A few hours exploring Coyoacan

This morning I ubered 6 miles (25 minutes) to an area of Mexico City called Coyoacan.  My first destination was a park called Viveros de Coyoac√°n. There were lots of people jogging and doing yoga. This man had a way with squirrels.

Jardín Centenario and Jardín Hidalgo are right next to each other and are the center of town.

The interior of the church in the park was gorgeous!

I hadn’t eaten breakfast so I went to Pepe Coyotes Coyoac√°n, a place I had read about on a blog.  I was the only gringo there. I ordered the same thing someone else had because it looked good.

The Coyoacan Market filled an entire city block.

The Plaza de la Conchita is pretty.

The Frida Kahlo Park was the highlight for me. First I videotaped a group dancing and then I took photos around the park. I ended up back by them. I showed them a dance I knew and we were dancing together and laughing!

I wanted to go to the Frida Museum but after checking a couple of days ago, there were no tickets for a while.

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Spectacular Airbnb in San Miguel de Allende

The Airbnb I chose for my two night day in San Miguel de Allende is the most unusual place I have reserved. It’s above a cafe and the ceilings are 20 ft tall. It almost feels like I’m in a museum. I love the decor, it’s very artsy and colorful.

After my exploration of the town, I ordered a salad from the cafe below and they brought it up to me. I had purchased a bottle of wine and had a couple of glasses. The terrace is my favorite space. It’s huge and the views are amazing.

As night fell, I enjoyed being away from the crowds below and the sunset was pretty.

This morning, I plan on hiking up to a Mirador for a beautiful view at sunrise.

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