“In a Pickle Bag”

I came across a website “In A Pickle” from Pinterest that sells small bags that contain most things you would need if you ever find yourself “in a pickle” and thought it was a great idea, so I made my own.

My bag contains some of the same items theirs do but I customized mine to suit me.  I often carry some of these items around in my purse anyway, but I like having them in this clear bag that I bought at a pharmacy for $8.  It opens into two separate compartments.  It will be great for travel!  Here’s a list to give you some ideas of what to put into yours, if you decide to make one:

Travel size mouth wash – toothpaste – dental floss – hand lotion – mineral powder & brush – rubber bands – hair bands – bobby pins – post it notes & pen – eye drops – spray pen hand sanitizer – pill-box – ear plugs – band aids – pocket knife with cork screw – facial cleansing towelettes – matches – q-tips – cotton balls – mini perfume – paper clips – safety-pin – mini sewing kit

Yesterday, I spent the day with my girlfriend Dee and we went out to lunch – shopping – and to happy hour.  The funny thing is that I never carry around a sewing kit and the skirt I had on ripped while we were shopping so my bag came in handy!  I spent more than I anticipated on some Lancome facial moisturizer, Armani perfume and a Yves Saint Laurent highlighter pencil.  We have to treat ourselves sometimes!

I’ve done really well with the Paleo Plan this past week – although at lunch with Dee I did have a sandwich that came on a pretzel bun.  It’s O.K. to treat yourself every now and then!  (Didn’t I just say that?)

Here’s a photo of Dee, another friend Shari and myself at Happy Hour.  My other girlfriend Cindy stopped by for a glass of wine, but I didn’t get a photo…

I thought my Olympus PEN camera’s flash was broken because the last few times I tried it – it didn’t work – so that’s why this photo’s lighting isn’t very good.  The odd thing is that I tried it today and it works!  I’m so glad because I called the camera store and it would be less expensive to buy the same camera on Amazon than to get the built-in flash fixed.

One last tip from Pinterest for today – mix 3 parts baking soda with 1 part water and mix into a paste for a great facial exfoliater!  My face really glowed afterwards!



28 thoughts on ““In a Pickle Bag”

  1. Good lookin’ happy hour group, and nice job on the bag– tho it does seem like there shoulda been one of those pickle relish packets in there somewhere… : )

    Really like your blog header, I can see you have a very adventurous spirit– well done!


  2. Here’s another idea for a face scrub. I travel – a lot – with one bag and don’t have room for lots of toiletries. So instead of packing an exfoliant I use the little packets of sugar almost always found in the hotel room. It gives my skin a nice glow…and it’s delicious. 🙂


  3. I was curious as to what a “Pickle Bag” was and now I think my wife would like to have one. I will e-mail this page to her.


  4. Sherry — You are a font of information and inspiration! I’m doing the Paleo diet thing, too — so thanks for that recommend. I find it really EASY since I love fruits and vegetables and I can always find a little protein to throw in there– I don’t feel deprived at all! Plus, I feel better already, just one week in! Now I’m going to try your facial exfoliator baking soda trick. Where would I be without you??


  5. Ahhhhh Sherry, I do believe you always glow. It is your spirit.
    You certainly are learning a lot of great ideas from Pinterest. I just gain weight looking at the pictures. I recently told a friend I could lose weight if I just stopped looking at Pinterest. I’m not kidding.


    • Thank you…what a sweet thing to say! Maybe you should only look at the healthy food pics! I do get a lot of ideas…I’ve been making t-shirt scarves that I’m posting about soon. I think the problem is when people only pin and don’t do anything with them. Even if they use a recipe occasionally–it’s worth it. Have a great weekend! xoxo


  6. Sherry! Hey went out tonight n listened to a sixteen yr old sing her heart out! My kids brought us there, my point is I plan to get out on weekends like you. I’ve been housebound for years…kids. Now the baking soda facial scrub sounds like a cool idea….I love homemade ideas. Nite.


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