Cave Woman (“Paleo”) Diet

Hello friends!  I’ve been laying low since Saturday because I hurt my back jogging 6 miles.  I’m sure it was a combination of things…sleeping on a bed in the basement a couple of weeks ago (where it’s cooler) that didn’t agree with my back; having bad posture when I sit at the computer (so my neck has been bothering me for some time); and jogging 14 miles within four days.  My husband would’ve liked to blame it on my propensity to pick up men…

It all started in Cancun in 1987 with a pirate (notice his eye patch).  I remember him saying “Big Woman”, but he didn’t speak much English.

There were more guys who were picked up during the time between the pirate and my son’s friend below (who is 6’4″ tall) in 2008, but I don’t have photos.

A Peruvian guy who didn’t speak English (at Lake Titicaca in 2009) and didn’t see it coming…

A Bushman from Botswana a few months ago (who also didn’t speak English).  There is a bit of a trend going on here.

A security guard in Namibia, Africa a few months ago.

And a guy I didn’t know a few weeks ago at a party.  But he spoke English!

Anyway, I just got back from having my back and neck adjusted by my girlfriend Dee (who is a Chiropractor).  She has a new instrument called an Impulse IQ Adjusting Gun.  They don’t have to twist you into a pretzel any more to crack you!  And I noticed a difference right away!

Anyway, the first day was the worst.  I couldn’t move without pain and I started thinking about all of the people in the world that have conditions limiting their mobility, or perhaps who are old and can’t get around very well and felt empathy!   Also, one-third of Americans are obese and have severe problems because of that.

I have always been interested in health and fitness.  It began during my time in the military.  When you’re forced to exercise starting at the impressionable age of 18, it becomes a way of life.  Now at the age of 54–I jog, hike, bike, dance, do yoga, water-ski, snow-ski, and any other sport that pops up!  Luckily I don’t have any issues with food (i.e. eating when depressed, bored or lonely).  I’m 5’11” tall and 150 lbs.  The most I’ve weighed is 160 lbs. while living in Germany from the age of 19-21 yrs. old.  Those pomme frittes with mayo did it!!  The least I’ve weighed was 136 lbs. a few years ago when I was what I call a “fishitarian”–like a vegetarian, but I would also eat fish and sushi and eggs.  I didn’t eat many grains or dairy then and I remember how good I felt – not sore from running.  Lots of energy.

Yesterday, as I was searching Pinterest for additional healthy recipes I came across the “Paleo” way of eating.  I didn’t call it a diet because it’s not something you do just to lose weight and go back to a different way of eating–it’s a lifestyle.  Basically you can eat lean meats (steaks, chicken, duck, turkey, pork, fish), fruits, vegetables, sweet potatoes/ yams, nuts, and eggs.  No grains/bread, dairy, sugar, alcohol, or processed foods.  It derives its name from the cave man…that’s pretty much what they ate back then.  They would’ve had a long life span if it hadn’t been for the darn dinosaurs and the lack of doctors!

I love bread and cheese and wine.  But, I love to feel good and look good….so I’m going to “eat like a cave man”.  As with anything, you can have some of the No/No foods occasionally–it won’t kill you.  If you want to find out more about it–this site explains it.  I’ll keep you posted.

42 thoughts on “Cave Woman (“Paleo”) Diet

  1. Some of those guys really look a little uncertain!!

    Last week I was took part in a ‘£1 a day challenge’ where you can spend no more than £1 a day on food. I quickly realised that the cheapest things to eat were carbohydrates like bread and pasta and by the end of the week I felt terrible AND I put on nearly 3 pounds in weight! Really brought it home how difficult it is to eat healthily on a tight budget.


  2. I really like the way you pick up men. Must be fun, and I am sure to some surprise when they don’t see it coming. I hope you back will soon be back to normal (no pun intended), maybe a change in diet will be the thing. The Paleo diet in many ways seem to resemble a low carbo diet, which is not really a diet either for the same reason you state. Like you I like bread and sugar, but as soon as one get beyond the first cravings they actually cease – mostly. Look forward to hearing more about the experience with Paleo diet.


  3. Very funny. You made me laugh with this post and the picking up of men. Thanks for that. Stay fit and keep enjoying. You don’t remotely need to diet. You look great as you are. Enjoy!


  4. This blog post is for the win. I have to bookmark this. So so fun, love the travel picture concept, and a great advice segue to fitness. Awesme post!


  5. I agree with your husband…. I thinks you need to stop picking up men… although a post on how you end up picking them all up would be an interesting read….


    • Why does that not surprise me! Though I’m not sure what you mean by how I end up picking them up. Usually, someone says Sherry’s really strong…she could pick you up OR I’ll ask someone if I could get a photo of me picking them up…for the fun of it. 🙂


  6. European woman such as myself, would never say “no” to weekly or even daily croissant, caramel macaron and an evening glass of champagne. The word DIEt never made me feel all comfy either. This might be a caveMAN way, but since I’m a WOman … I prefer to just keep WOOing those caveMEN with my curves and being carried in their cave arms even when I’m 80 : )


    • I’m not sure you can speak for all European women Elena. If you had read the post…I explained it’s not really a “diet” but more a healthy way to eat. I’m an athlete and as an aging athlete, I’m looking for ways to take good care of myself. Since you’re only in your 20’s…see how you feel and look in 25 years. I also like to woo and flirt and enjoy being carried into my man’s cave also. 🙂


      • I was speaking for myself and as far as how I’ll age … it will be gracefully and ungracefully at the same time.. with chocolate in one hand, champagne in the other and a man between my legs.. that’s how. Hope this cave diet will help you with your goals. Now I have to go and try to figure out what to take on my 3 months on the road. love & light el


  7. you´ve picked up lots of guys!!
    thanks for sharing the concept of the cave diet, I`m looking for alternatives myself so it`s good to hear about new perspectives!!!
    hope you feel better soon!


  8. No one can pick up a guy better than you can, Sherry! I know of a few people who have been on the Paleo plan and swear by it. Keep us posted on your progress. I’m glad you are feeling better.


  9. So funny … but you on a diet … forget, you’re looking so good and healthy.
    You’re more like superwoman then a cave woman. This not speaking English .. make it easier for you to get your way with the guys. Your son is really handsome and looks healthy as you.


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