Tarpon Springs, Florida

As I’m revamping my site…I came across this post I neglected to post while on my 6-week road trip adventure…so…a break in the regular telecasting…

Tarpon Springs is another quaint and historic town in Florida!  Through the years I’ve visited most of the “fun in the sun” areas in Florida…Miami..Key West..Ft. Lauderdale..Orlando..St. Augustine..Ft. Myers..Coco Beach…Panhandle, so I was surprised to discover a few of the quaint towns in the Tampa Bay area.  Staying with a local and receiving guidance from her made the difference!  Thanks Zully!

Today, I ventured off on my own and explored the Tarpon Springs area.  With a population of over 23,000, it has the highest percentage of Greek Americans of any city in the U.S.  The main street (E. Tarpon Ave.) has some street art (which you know I love) and antique stores.

Browsing in the windows, one store caught my attention–Tarapani’s.  It has been run by the same family for 101 years–I spoke with the son and Grandmother–who were the only people in the store.  They had some very interesting items and paintings…

This beautiful park was located at the end of the main road…

If you turn right onto Alt. Rt. 19, it will bring you to Dodecanese Blvd.–turn left and you’ll find a street filled with Greek shops & restaurants and the Sponge Docks…

Lots of fishing boats were docked.  Some with sponges…

This flower’s beauty stood out to me…

I walked to the end of the street where I found these fishermen.  Notice the fish in mid-air.  I asked permission to take a photo and they said sure and stood there.  I said, “You can keep working” and the guy on the left said, “Oh, thanks!”.

Walking back to my car I took a final photo…

Driving through a residential area of Tarpon Springs, I spotted this lovely home…

I hope you enjoyed your tour of Tarpon Springs and will come back again soon!

27 thoughts on “Tarpon Springs, Florida

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  3. Nice and quite place, and you have caught it .. I’m not going to mention the quality of your photos – my favorite it the mirror photo and I like the painting it shows.


  4. Hi,
    What a very interesting place to walk around. I love the shop Tarapani’s it has items in there that I have not seen before, I love places like that. 🙂
    That is a beautiful colour in the hibiscus, a very lovely orange.


  5. Great post on Tarpon Springs – one of our favorite destinations when we visit family in Florida. Our favorite stop is the Plaka Restaurant for some of the best gyros on the planet. Looks like you enjoyed yourself. All the Best, Terri Vance


  6. Nice! I’m going to Tampa Bay for a weekend in April, and Tarpon Springs is on my list. Would it make sense to visit Tarpon Springs and Honeymoon Island on the same day, or are the two too far away from each other. Is there another beach I could check out near Tarpon Springs?


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