Children of Peru

I love to photograph children!  They project so much wonder, delight and enthusiasm for life!  During a three-week trip to Peru back in 2009, I was able to capture a few photographs.  I love this little girl with her baby llama.  She was on the side of the road with her family…selling handmade items.


These boys are ready for school.


The next three photos were taken on a floating man-made island in Lake Titicaca…the highest lake in the world…at 14,000 ft.  There are over 40 of these islands that the “Uros” people inhabit.  Everything is made from reeds…including the School…


The little girls have such cute clothing!



May we all keep the spirit of childhood within us!


46 thoughts on “Children of Peru

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  2. These children are ageless in the sense that they are both young and old at the same time. Our civilisation seems to strip away ancient wisdom so quickly and it takes many people decades to find their way back.


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