Children of Egypt and Jordan

My 18 day journey through Egypt and Jordan back in February 2009 was the first time I was exposed to a culture, that at the time, seemed completely alien to my own.  Although I had been to destinations such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Europe and much of the Caribbean, these two Countries seemed more brazen and wild!  I took a photo of the “Siq” in Petra that is really magical.  If you’d like to take a peek…look here!

I managed to go on three “big” trips during 2009.  There were family crises happening that I had no control over…so I decided to enjoy myself!  For some of my readers, you’ve seen a few of these photos from the past.

These little girls were just adorable!!


While hiking through Petra, Jordan, we encountered this beautiful little girl.  I don’t remember if she was selling something or just begging, but I was entranced!


This little boy is the epitome of “boy”!  Look at his little goat!  It seemed odd to me to find these children up in the Mountains.  I was worried they would fall and hurt themselves.


We slept on a Felucca sailboat on the Nile River one night and this young man was one of the crew.


These lovely children were in Amman, Jordan.


These little ones were from Egypt.


So much has happened since then, I feel like a different person now!

16 thoughts on “Children of Egypt and Jordan

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  2. You captured those beautiful faces so perfectly! The second photo made me stop and look again – there is something in her eyes, such vivid hope for a sale, a little profit or maybe something else larger ….


  3. Thank you for capturing and showing these wonderful images of our children. I have been where you went and there is true beauty there. In desolation it can shine. These children are our future. Give me one child, one school room, one good teacher and I will give you the world.


  4. Hi,
    Lovely photos, I love the last one, if the little boy in orange with his hand on the coloured cement would of put his other on his hip, that would of been perfect. 🙂


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