Hot Sulphur Springs Resort via Grand Lake, Colorado

Saying goodbye to Grand Lake in Colorado was difficult!  My friend Gina and I only stayed one night at the Grand Lake Lodge and decided to drive to Breckenridge for their Octoberfest.  We started our week long adventure in Estes Park but had to escape the flooding.  There was some fog out when I walked outside to look at gorgeous Grand Lake before leaving, which just created more atmosphere!



We were on the road for about 30 minutes and saw a sign for Hot Sulphur Springs Resort in the little town of Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado.  Both Gina and I enjoy being up for new and unexpected experiences.  There is a sense of adventure when you veer off the road and go exploring!  Anyway, I’ve experienced hot sulphur springs in Costa Rica, Yellowstone, Wyoming and New Mexico, but Gina hadn’t been to one yet, so we stopped.  This particular hot springs had 19 soaking tubs, most of them outside, varying from 94 to 112 degrees.  After paying our $20.50 (which included a towel), we proceeded to try most of the tubs.  Gina was a little grossed out by the dirty particles floating around in the water or lying on the seats, but after 1 1/2 hrs. of on and off again soaking, we felt quite relaxed!


There were some beautiful flowers nearby one of the tubs…


This was the prettiest tub…with blue water and a small waterfall.


While I was waiting for Gina to come out to the car when we were leaving, I noticed this tree and the cloud above it that looks like it is the top of the tree.  I had seen other photographs that gave me the idea.


I’ll see you in Breckenridge tomorrow!

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