Guinness Book of World Record for the Most People Salsa Dancing

Thursday evening, July 24, 2014 is a day to go down in the record books, specifically the Guinness World Records book, for the City of Cincinnati to beat Mexico’s past record of the largest Salsa dance, with over 2,000 people moving to the rhythm!  I was there to capture the excitement and energy for iSPYCINCY taking photographs of the event.  Green “Gain” shirts were given out to the attendees, as you can see in the photo…


My husband accompanied me, as usual, and since it was a perfect evening for motorcycle riding, we arrived on our Harley.  He dropped me off so I could get started while he parked the bike.  My first shot was of this performer on the sidewalk next to Fountain Square


I took a few photos of the dancing before getting down to business taking photographs of specific people or groups of people and obtaining their names…


The fountain at Fountain Square is always a focal point.  I enjoy finding new perspectives of it…


As the evening drew on, the crowd became almost impenetrable, so I was happy I got my quota of people and their names earlier…


The lead singer of the Tropicoso band, the evening’s entertainment, posed for a photo…


As the sun was setting, it cast a beautiful golden glow on the building, so I took the opportunity to capture another shot of the fountain…


Just before leaving, a gentleman tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You should get a picture of the UFO“, otherwise known as a drone camera…


It was an interesting evening, although my husband didn’t care for the large crowd and people bumping into him constantly as he stood away from the melee!



9 thoughts on “Guinness Book of World Record for the Most People Salsa Dancing

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  2. Another fun night for you, Sherry. It boggles the mind to think of how they actually document the numbers. How do they count them? How do you keep track of 2,000 people at one time? What if some one takes a “personal break” when they are counting and they only end up with 1,999? 😉


  3. awww…fun, fun, fun……my hubby and i took a salsa class a few years was a great class….I use to go to this tiny salsa place in Texas many moons ago….ohhhh those were fun days….wish I could have participated in this….fabulous post and pics!


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