Turn right at the Witchy Bitchy Salon

If you’ve been following my month-long European sojourn, you’ll recall from yesterday’s post that we had spent the day on trains, a boat and a bus, from Oslo, Norway to Bergen, Norway, via Norway in a Nutshell, through the beautiful Norwegian Fjords!  Upon arrival to the train station in Bergen, although I had printed Google map directions to our Airbnb accommodations, I asked for assistance from a lady with a baby on her back, who definitely looked to be a local.  She said to follow her…she was going in our direction.  She brought us all the way to the “Witchy Bitchy Salon”, located about 15 minutes walk from the train station, which is where our host said to turn and go up a street to her place.  I have to say that Bergen is filled with hills.  Small hill…big hills…and more hills.  Unfortunately, two of the wheels on my 50 lb. rolling suitcase broke on this leg of the trip, so I was pulling dead weight up these hills!  We went up one hill and it was quite confusing with the street names being so similar and conflicting at the same time, so I began ringing door bells to ask assistance.  One guy stuck his head out of his top window and tried to help.

There’s the Witchy Bitchy Salon on the left…


We made it to this point, and someone said they thought it was back down the street, turn right and up the other street.  So, we did that.  But, we were so close.


Turning around and looking the opposite direction from the picture above, you see this view.  The apartment was right up the hill where the bicycle was.


Eventually we found it.  At one point I began laughing hysterically at the absurdity of the situation!  The following day I was able to find a piece of luggage that was under $100.  A miracle in itself!  I visited two shops and worried when the lowest priced piece was $300!  The same piece in the States would’ve been $150.

Once our host left, and we read the House Manual aloud, we all became slap happy…especially me!  I couldn’t stop laughing when my friend Richard read the entire “book”.  Some of it was useful…taxi nos., airport info., light switches and fuse box locations, heating, cable, VCR, DVD, WiFi, and the remainder was also useful, just very detailed…

The apartment was in a perfect location 2 minutes from Bryggen!  Here are some of the funny parts, or maybe it was just our mood…

Dishwasher: If the cutlery is well rinsed , the 45 c program is perfect. Then it is important to use the liquid gel soap.Normally I use the eco program but it takes 3,15 h to finish. If you need the cutlery clean fast and it is quite dirty, you can press the vario speed button. Use the tablets on these.  Please try not to use the dishwasher, washing machine and the tumble dryer when you are out of the house.I also try to take out the socket for the toaster and water boiler when I go to bed or leave the house. Just in case 😉 Fire safety: -Fire blanket is underneath the shelf (underneath the glasses) – Fire extinguisher: Is by the bed in the open room. – Exits: In case of a fire you can escape through the windows in the bedrooms and climb out by going up the ladder on the other side of the backyard. Food and other stuff: Just use the different oils, spices, washing powder, candles and other things you need freely. Buy some back if you use a lot or something is empty  Over the stove: Unfortunately the ventilation fan (extractor) has to be on to be able to turn the lights on. To turn on the fan, open the cabinet over the stove. Picnic: Feel free to use the backpack in the entrance. There is a blanket in it too. The barbeque is in the entrance. Post/Mail: It is nice if you can check the mailbox and put my letters on the shelf in the entrance. Recycling: Batteries and light bulbs: There is a white box behind the “feet picture” in the shelf outside the bathroom. Bottles and cans: The ones with you can get back money for in groceries stores. Plastic ones goes in the plastic and all other clean glass bottles, cans, jars can be recycled. I can do it for you, or there is a container up the hill at Skansen. Paper and carton: All newspapers, pamphlets, packing goes into the black bag underneath the curtain. Plastic: I recycle all clean plastic packing/wrapping. But only if it is possible to clean with cold water. Put it in the “see through” garbage bag under the curtain beside the fridge. Shower: There is enough hot water for at least 3 people showering, but of course it depends on the length and heat of it. And if there has been a lot of hot water used in the kitchen… There should be ventilation on when showering, and since I have a duel fan it needs to be switched on in the kitchen cabinet over the stove (see ventilation). Tumbledryer: Remember to empty both the lint/fluff filter/screen in the door and the water tank up on the left It gets really nice and warm in the bathroom, so you can get a real spa feeling 😉 Remember to have the ventilation fan on. Ventilation: Ventilation fan (extractor) should be used when cooking and showering… To turn on the fan, open the cabinet over the stove. You regulate the effect by pulling the fan towards you and choose a number. Both bedrooms have an air vent and you can open windows in all rooms except the bathroom. Remember to close them when you are not there! Washing machine: Bomull = Cotton Småvask=Half full machine Fin vask = Delicates Håndvask= Handwash Ull= Wool Treningstøy = Training gear Hurtigvask = Express The degrees, soaking time and centrifugation effect can be regulated with the buttons underneath each one. Press 1 to get a prewash. Water: In Norway we have lovely drinking water from the tap! In case of a leakage, the stopcock (stop crane) is underneath the sink in the kitchen.

15 thoughts on “Turn right at the Witchy Bitchy Salon

  1. My husband and I always loved to read instructions like that, makes you wonder if they popped it into Google translate and ran with it. Glad you found your way, this is also why I travel with a hike pack anymore, the European travel just wasn’t kind to wheeled luggage. Enjoying your adventure posts!


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