Using Husband as Model for Photo Shoot

My husband graciously agreed to be my model for a quick photo shoot over the weekend.  I took about 15 photos and narrowed it down to these three.  It’s fun using Lightroom 5 for editing and the creativity involved…

This photo is my favorite.  I call it “Nanook”…


We met 20 years ago country line dancing and this hat joined in many a fine dance…


I enjoy experimenting with the shadows, angles and lighting…


Even if it’s cold outside…you can practice with your camera taking photographs of people, animals and things at home!

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38 thoughts on “Using Husband as Model for Photo Shoot

  1. Sherry, you have inspired me to purchase a nicer camera and maybe even taking a beginning photography class to take better photos for my blog! These photos are fantastic!


    • That’s great! I am still taking photography classes. I have to drive 40 minutes once a week to get to his place, but there are only 3 of us in the class and it’s only $15 for 2 hours. If you join a photography meetup, you could probably meet someone that gives classes reasonably.


  2. What a handsome man!!!!! *smile – great shots …. my favorite is top one. Because it’s straight on … and still it comes out so fantastically. Excellent job, Sherry …


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