Pet Photography — “My cat is so pretty”

I think my Cat, “Kate” is so photogenic and I don’t think I’m biased!  She loves me and I love her!  We trained her to go in and out of the doggie door to use the restroom!  At night, she’s able to roam around the living room and nap in her bed that I placed on top of a high table.  We keep our bedroom door shut and every morning, sometimes as early as 4:00am, she would come to the door and meow to get me up.  Now, I have a large piece of foam insulation board blocking the hallway.


I love my dog Jake too…but it’s more difficult to get good shots of him!


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30 thoughts on “Pet Photography — “My cat is so pretty”

  1. I invite you to join my Picnic, Sherry! I nominated you for The Sunshine Award! You have so much to offer in pleasant views and beautiful photographs that lift our spirits! Thanks and hope you will check out the Picnic post and if you wish, accept the nomination, too! Smiles, Robin


  2. Beautiful cat. I have same problem with my dog Shilo. Very tough to get a good shot. But I must say, you have gone to quite some lengths to keep the cat out of the bedroom. I gave up years ago and now find that most of them only wake up when I do. But do like the foam idea.


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