Replace Complaints with Gratitude

Everyone is complaining about the snow…but I still think it is so beautiful!  Here are some photographs I’ve taken in the last few days in my yard with a variety of light.  Let’s replace the complaints with gratitude…


Shortly after sunrise this morning…


An hour later…


I pray that homeless people find shelter during this extreme cold!  Make it a great day!


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30 thoughts on “Replace Complaints with Gratitude

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  2. I love trees. I especially love trees in the winter, covered in snow. To be honest I love trees that are budding, covered in green leaves, covered in any color leaves, covered in flowers or fruit, and I love them bare. Once again, I love trees.

    Your photos are amazing! I feel like I am there. What a beautiful backyard. I envy you for that.

    Well, I’ll take second best; looking at your photos over morning tea or coffee (when I finish my detox). Thanks for sharing.


  3. Thanks for linking to my blog. I’m grateful to be a part of the bigger conversation on gratitude. Sorry to take so long to respond to you – I couldn’t find your comment button! Love your pictures and thoughts.


  4. Just another way that Mother Nature paints her canvas for all us photography enthusiasts! I honestly don’t mind the snow. It’s that bloody cold that comes with it. I prefer my frosty moments to be with some lime and tequila!


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