First Attempt at Capturing Cincinnati Skyline at Night

Last night after giving the second part of my African presentation to my Travel Spirit Meetup group, I was driving home, took a wrong turn and ended up at the river.  I’ve been wanting to get some photographs of the Cincinnati skyline at night, so I took the opportunity and set up my tripod, while my car was still running, pulled over to the side of the road.  My settings were on F8, 6 secs., and 100 ISO.  I didn’t have my remote with me so I used the 2 second timer.  They’re not quite as clear as I’d like, although it’s a good first attempt.  It may have been because I still had my internal stabilizer switched on.


I think it was a good reminder that we need to be flexible when we’re traveling through life when opportunities present themselves!


Next, I want to take a bracketed or HDR photo with my Nikon!

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30 thoughts on “First Attempt at Capturing Cincinnati Skyline at Night

  1. Hey,

    nice photos :).
    A small tip, to get an even sharper result, you need to turn off the stabilizer (as you already mentioned), and use live view or the mirror lockup, otherwise the movement of the mirror will results in a short, but noticeable shock going trough the camera. I also would have used ISO 200 and a slightly longer exposure on the first one, to get some more light into the dark areas, but thats totally up to you. (It’s not meant as criticism =) )

    Have a nice weekend.


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