Cincinnati Flower Show at Yeatman’s Cove

The Cincinnati Flower Show, hosted by the Cincinnati Horticultural Society, kicked off its 26th year with a profusion of breathtaking floral beauty!  According to the Society, it “dedicates itself to promoting the environmental, aesthetic, and educational benefits for parks and green spaces, and to providing opportunities for the enjoyment and appreciation of nature and horticulture.”  The show has evolved into five days of garden-inspired shopping, international exhibitors and judges, guest speakers, nature inspired art, and gardening activities.

This year’s exhibition is set up along the Ohio River at Yeatman’s Cove and you’ll find tents filled with floral displays, dramatic table settings, and creative and unique container gardens.  So many ideas for transforming your own gardens into a spectacular space!

The tents provided a nice backdrop for my favorite flower…the tulip!


Cincinnati’s infamous Findlay Market (farmer’s market) was used as inspiration in this display…


Gazing balls are fun for photographers…


I can envision this colorful outdoor furniture on my deck…


All I can say is, “Thank goodness Spring is here”!


Cincinnati has a rich German history flourishing today!


The elegant table settings are colorful and opulent…


Not sure why they have a couple of Alpacas in a fenced in area, but they’re so cute.  As people gathered around to take photographs, they were making soft yewing noises…I’ve been told that means they’re getting ready to spit at you!


Now you can have “rock” ducks for your yard…


Take some old sneakers and fill em with some dirt and flowers…


Ahh…more tulips (smile)


What a pretty table centerpiece…


This tiny angel in a tea-cup needed a rest…


I don’t know the names of some of the flowers, but who cares when your eyes recognize them!


22 thoughts on “Cincinnati Flower Show at Yeatman’s Cove

  1. Great photos. I especially like the tulips. I went to a tulip festival in Washington once and learned for the first time that tulips have a fragrance. Delicate and wonderful. I had never thought of a tulip as having any scent at all but there were so many (fields of them) and when the breeze came in my direction, I smelled that wonderful scent. Your photos remind me of that. Beautiful colour too.


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