What can happen in three weeks…

Three weeks doesn’t seem like a long time, but as I look back through the moments captured in time, I realize that “time” is a tricky thing.  I started a temporary (mostly full-time) job working for the Census Bureau and got bit by a rather large dog the first week.  Luckily, he just left a small abrasion and bruise on my forearm.  I was a trooper and got the interview…they probably felt bad for me.  I took the position because I can make my own hours and work around my photography assignments.  Speaking of photography, here are some of my photos for my own business.  My friend Teresa (pictured on the left) hosted a surprise birthday party for one of her daughters (next to her) and retained me to take photos at the event.  The other two women are also her daughters…aren’t they all so beautiful!  Dusk was falling and for the shot, I asked them to put their heads close together…


Later in the evening (after a drink or two) they were willing participants for this shot…


The birthday girl is dating one of my friends, who went with me to Europe last year for a month.  Don’t they make a cute couple…


One of my husband’s co-workers needed his son’s senior graduation photos taken.  I call this one “Head in the Clouds”…


Such a handsome young man…


A local band called “Soul Pocket” wanted some photos, so I met the ladies in the band at Ault Park in Cincinnati.



I love to shoot a variety of things, and real estate photography is one of them.  My sister-in-law is a Realtor and I’ve taken photos of two properties for her so far…


For my position with Cincinnati Refined, I took photos at an annual event called, “The Taste of Cincinnati“…


As you can see, it was quite crowded…


The “Naked Cowboy” was a hit with the women…


Next up, I had a gig at the annual Bacchanalian Society’s event in Ault Park.  For those of you that don’t know what they’re all about, this is taken from their website…”The Bacchanalian Society ensures that the finer things in life are enjoyed without pretense and always in the company of good friends. Our namesake, Bacchus, is the Roman deity of wine and merriment who represents not only the intoxicating power of wine, but also its social and beneficial influences. The Bacchanalian Society unites the legacy of Bacchus with the unabashed zest for life of today’s creative class.”


Bac19My next assignment was a Dodgeball Tournament at Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati.  It’s my job to obtain at least 20 photos of groups of posed people (with their names), along with general atmosphere shots.  This little girl playing in the fountain definitely provided some magic…


One of the “posed shots”…


and of course the tournament…


And just today, I drove 45 minutes across town to take photographs of Pyramid Park in Hamilton, Ohio.  The park is packed full of interesting works of art.  This one is entitled, “Wherefore Art Thou”, by Sam McKinney.


And one of my favorites, “Skybound” by Barton Rubenstein.


My birthday was also this weekend!  I hosted a dual birthday party for myself and my husband (whose birthday is in a couple of weeks).  There were over 30 revelers here and I tried another Pinterest idea, a “Hedgehog” made from a watermelon.  He tasted good, but I made his head too big!  I made a variety of Pinterest recipes that you can find here: a summer salad, a black bean/zucchini/rice skillet, meatloaf sliders , tailgate sandwiches, and an orzo/asparagus/tomato salad; along with the usual chips & salsa, etc.


Summertime is always busier!  So much to do and so little of that thing we call “Time”!  Hope everyone is living life to the fullest!

16 thoughts on “What can happen in three weeks…

    • Thanks Amy…I am, but so far I’ve been working about 55-60 hours a week. It’s beginning to slow down this week, so I’ll be able to exercise more, and have some down time. Hope yours is going well!


  1. This really made my night special. I love looking at these women who seem like they must be family since they are as pretty as you are, Sherri. You shared their event and lovely photos with us, which made us feel so special. Truly wonderful photography, you bring out the best in everyone 🙂


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