What can happen in three weeks…

Three weeks doesn’t seem like a long time, but as I look back through the moments captured in time, I realize that “time” is a tricky thing.  I started a temporary (mostly full-time) job working for the Census Bureau and got bit by a rather large dog the first week.  Luckily, he just left a small abrasion and bruise on my forearm.  I was a trooper and got the interview…they probably felt bad for me.  I took the position because I can make my own hours and work around my photography assignments.  Speaking of photography, here are some of my photos for my own business.  My friend Teresa (pictured on the left) hosted a surprise birthday party for one of her daughters (next to her) and retained me to take photos at the event.  The other two women are also her daughters…aren’t they all so beautiful!  Dusk was falling and for the shot, I asked them to put their heads close together…


Later in the evening (after a drink or two) they were willing participants for this shot…


The birthday girl is dating one of my friends, who went with me to Europe last year for a month.  Don’t they make a cute couple…


One of my husband’s co-workers needed his son’s senior graduation photos taken.  I call this one “Head in the Clouds”…


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Mallory’s Senior Photos

Today was so much fun because I spent the day taking photographs all over Cincinnati of a bright and beautiful young woman named Mallory for her senior photos!  We started off at Findlay Market (the oldest Farmer’s Market in Ohio), followed by Union Terminal, and ended at Fountain Square in Downtown Cincinnati!

This cool shot is at Findlay Market with fresh fruits and vegies in the background.  I just bought a new lens, a 50mm F1.8, and love how it blurs the background!


This was her first time visiting Findlay Market and now she can’t wait to go back when she has more time to explore.  She’s the daughter of a friend, so I picked her up at her house and drove Downtown.  We listened to my I-Pod, which had a lot of songs on it that she loves.  I guess that means I’m cool!

Her first outfit was this very bohemian, hippy flash-back style, which I love!


At Union Terminal I used my external flash for some of the shots…


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Senior Photos for Domenic

I really enjoyed taking Senior photos of my second cousin…Domenic!

I don’t know him very well and although he seems a bit shy, he seemed to loosen up and enjoy himself during the two-hour photo shoot.  He’s in the school band and not only plays the saxophone, but also the guitar.  As you can see, he’s very handsome.  His father, now deceased, was full-blooded Italian.  This first shot was in my backyard…


This railroad track is located just a two minute drive away.  I used the antique setting for the coloring of the photo…


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