Senior Photos for Domenic

I really enjoyed taking Senior photos of my second cousin…Domenic!

I don’t know him very well and although he seems a bit shy, he seemed to loosen up and enjoy himself during the two-hour photo shoot.  He’s in the school band and not only plays the saxophone, but also the guitar.  As you can see, he’s very handsome.  His father, now deceased, was full-blooded Italian.  This first shot was in my backyard…


This railroad track is located just a two minute drive away.  I used the antique setting for the coloring of the photo…


We drove down our lane and across the street to a church to get a shot of him in his suit with brick as the background…


Coming back from the railroad tracks, there’s a barn offset from a house.  We stopped and jumped out to quickly get a few shots.  A man on a motorcycle stopped and asked what we were doing.  Domenic’s mother told him taking Senior pics and he said “fair enough” and drove off.  I guess we should have asked someone if we could stop there for a couple of minutes.


I took over 300 photos, which seems like a lot, but he had different looks in all of them and it is really helpful in giving him choices.  He sat with me to look through them and pick out his favorites.  I served them dinner first and we watched the last part of the Bengals game, so the entire visit from dinner to me editing the photos and burning a CD with about 50 of them, took about 5 hours.  He and his Mom (my first Cousin) seemed really pleased!

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