Water Skiing on the Ohio River

Saturday, my husband and I took my son and nephew boating and water skiing on the Ohio River.  I’ve been water skiing since my 20’s and love slalom skiing (with one ski).  We prefer the Ohio River to the area lakes because there are fewer boats, which means better skiing conditions.  Because of weather and a surgery that my husband had, this was only the second time we’ve taken the boat out this season and most likely the last.  Temperatures are supposed to drop into the 60’s by this weekend.  The water was quite cold but invigorating!  Slalom skiing is like riding a bike, once you’ve mastered it, you don’t forget how to do it.  It feels great to be strong and continue to participate in sports as I get older.

My son took some good shots…


The next few photos are of my Nephew…Billy!  My son doesn’t like to water-ski and at 6’9″ tall, feels like the tube is too small for him.


Billy plays sand and court volleyball almost every day.  He’s in great shape…



I was using the Silhouette function on my Nikon D5100 to capture a darker look of my husband…


We found good waves for some tubing air time…


We stopped to eat at Skipper’s Marina in New Richmond, Ohio and this duck seemed to be posing for me…


I asked my son if he would throw me in the water.  I’ve never had that experience…it was kinda’ scary but fun!


It was fun sharing our day with you!  Sunday I went to a chili cook-off and watched the Bengals game.  We didn’t stay the entire time, so I’m not sure who won the cook-off!  Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

22 thoughts on “Water Skiing on the Ohio River

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  2. Great pictures. We spent the summers water skiing for hours and hours on end. Now it’s rare to see water skies in deference to wake boarding. In fact,in the wake of Sandy (the storm) a slalom water ski appeared with all the other debris on our street. When asked where I though it came from, I said: “the sixties!” -:) M


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  4. Great photos! The duck struck a great pose for you indeed. Just wondering how deep the river is, it has that shallow, sandy bottom color to it. You look like your expecting to freeze when you hit the water. Brrr! I see the trees have begun to change too. Boo hiss!


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