Mallory’s Senior Photos

Today was so much fun because I spent the day taking photographs all over Cincinnati of a bright and beautiful young woman named Mallory for her senior photos!  We started off at Findlay Market (the oldest Farmer’s Market in Ohio), followed by Union Terminal, and ended at Fountain Square in Downtown Cincinnati!

This cool shot is at Findlay Market with fresh fruits and vegies in the background.  I just bought a new lens, a 50mm F1.8, and love how it blurs the background!


This was her first time visiting Findlay Market and now she can’t wait to go back when she has more time to explore.  She’s the daughter of a friend, so I picked her up at her house and drove Downtown.  We listened to my I-Pod, which had a lot of songs on it that she loves.  I guess that means I’m cool!

Her first outfit was this very bohemian, hippy flash-back style, which I love!


At Union Terminal I used my external flash for some of the shots…


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Revitalization of Over the Rhine and Ohio’s Oldest Farmer’s Market, Findlay Market

I’ve posted photographs of an area in Cincinnati called Over-the-Rhine in the past, but I was in the area on Saturday again (before the snow hit yesterday) for a pole dancing class that you can read about here, and wanted to go to a wonderful farmer’s market called Findlay Market before my class.  Here’s a photo of a small portion of the outside area…


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Cincinnati’s Friendly Findlay Market

There’s a Farmers’ Market in Cincinnati called Findlay Market and I like to call it the Friendly Findlay because everyone is so nice!  Located in Over-the-Rhine, it’s a 35-40 minute drive from my home, but well worth it because of all of the fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, etc. and especially the people watching and photo opportunities!


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