Festival of Lights

This year’s Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo was spectacular!  My husband and I went last night before the weather becomes too cold and loved all of the dazzling and colorful lights!


After walking through this tunnel of white lights, you’ll see the tree up above.


Upon entrance into the Cincinnati Zoo, their huge Christmas tree takes center stage!


I was especially impressed with the sound and light display on the lake!  The lights would change shapes and colors in time to the music.  See all of the ducks swimming?


This tunnel of rainbow colors is new…


If you get hungry, there are plenty of little shops to stop and purchase cookies, hot nuts, s’mores, pizza, and of course, hot chocolate!


The children love to ride the choo choo train!

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Revitalization of Over the Rhine and Ohio’s Oldest Farmer’s Market, Findlay Market

I’ve posted photographs of an area in Cincinnati called Over-the-Rhine in the past, but I was in the area on Saturday again (before the snow hit yesterday) for a pole dancing class that you can read about here, and wanted to go to a wonderful farmer’s market called Findlay Market before my class.  Here’s a photo of a small portion of the outside area…


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Krohn Conservatory Christmas Display

The Krohn Conservatory Christmas Display in Cincinnati, Ohio is simply beautiful!  As I watched small children running from display to display, I felt like one of them, excited every time I took a photograph.  I almost tripped a few of them as I was running from spot to spot!  Poinsettias were everywhere!

Here’s the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge that spans the Ohio River from Cincinnati to Covington, Kentucky.  Mr. Roebling also designed the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City!


The colorful and intoxicating display of flowers and plants was almost overwhelming!


The cute trains chugging along, high and low, brought back memories of a Christmas long ago…


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Why you should visit Alms Park in Cincinnati

I’ve discovered a new park in Cincinnati….Alms Park!  Actually it’s not new…just new to me.  I met my friend Cindy there to check it out before heading over to Newport on the Levy again.  Although the Park is less than 100 acres, the pavilion, landscape and beautiful views make it a great place to have a picnic, take the kids to play on the playground, or even have a wedding!

Nicholas Longworth originally owned the land and grew grapes for his Catawba wine before the Civil War.  In 1916, his widow gave the land to the Parks commission for the public to enjoy.




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Friday Fun

Friday was a great time!  I went to Newport on the Levee again.  There was a “bike rally” for motorcycles, but because of the chance of rain, there weren’t many attendees.

A couple of ladies were holding a snake and they asked if I’d like to hold it.  I usually say “YES” to everything!


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Taste of Cincinnati

The Taste of Cincinnati is an annual tradition held Memorial Day weekend in downtown Cincinnati by The Downtown Council and the Greater Cincinnati Restaurant Association.  The first event was in 1979 with 5,000 in attendance and has grown to over 500,000!  Not only is it the nation’s longest running culinary arts festival, but also one of the largest street festivals!

More than 40 fine restaurants serve up samples of their delicious menu items.  Taste of Cincinnati is also a music festival, with continuous live entertainment featuring local and national recording stars performing on multiple stages throughout the event.

Yesterday was a great day for it.  The weather was in the 70’s and sunny!  Here are some of my shots…


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Cincinnati’s Friendly Findlay Market

There’s a Farmers’ Market in Cincinnati called Findlay Market and I like to call it the Friendly Findlay because everyone is so nice!  Located in Over-the-Rhine, it’s a 35-40 minute drive from my home, but well worth it because of all of the fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, etc. and especially the people watching and photo opportunities!


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Art in Ault Park

Ault Park is one of the many beautiful Parks in the Cincinnati area, with frequent events, such as “Art in Ault” that I attended this past week.  The work of Holly Schapker, a local artist, was on display along with complimentary wine and music!

I arrived early to take some photos.  The pavilion has wonderful architecture for photographs and the gardens are beautiful!


As I passed a small group of attendees, I couldn’t restrain myself from asking to take the photo of this lovely lady and her stately Poodle!


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Images from Northside, Cincinnati

The area known as “Northside” in Cincinnati has in the past had an image of being a bit rough, shoddy and perhaps dangerous, but that is changing!  With the opening of vegan restaurants and quaint shops, a new clientele are flocking to the region.  Some of the beautiful architecture can be seen within a short walk.  I’m not sure if this is a church or a residence?  I love the golden windows and purple!


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Lovin’ Lebanon, Ohio

I know some people love antiques and shopping in general.  I’m not one of them.  Perhaps because I don’t like a lot of clutter in my home (more things to dust) and as far as shopping…I usually go into a store knowing what I need to buy…look for it…buy it if I find it…and then leave.  I’d rather spend my time doing any of the countless other things I love to do.  Like hiking, biking, jogging, yoga, skiing, photographing, traveling, reading, dancing, socializing, etc.  But I like this kind of shopping…looking for interesting things to photograph!

At Mulberry Street Antiques in Lebanon, Ohio, I found these cool boots…


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Lebanon, Ohio has Antiques

Lebanon, Ohio has antiques!  If you’re from the area…you probably already knew this.  Lebanon is a quaint City with over 20,000 residents, located about 40 minutes North of Cincinnati.  It was established in 1802.  I spent a few hours walking from shop to shop on Saturday.  I can’t believe its been 10-15 years since I’ve gone into any of the shops there and was surprised at how much it has grown!

Meet Chase…a real sweetie!  I don’t remember the name of this shop, but I couldn’t forget him!


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Hiking Rowe Woods

Rowe Woods, aka The Nature Center is located in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio.  My husband and I (and Jake the spoiled hunting dog) went hiking there yesterday.  We probably hiked 4 miles.  Hiking is one of my favorite things to do.  Even in this cold, dreary weather–there is beauty!


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The Enchanted Forest at the Krohn Conservatory (Part II)

Hopefully, you read Park I of my Enchanted Forest at the Krohn Conservatory yesterday.  If not, you can read it here.  I like being a Tourist in my own City!

The Waterfall at the Krohn Conservatory is lovely!  I fooled around with the Aperture and was able to get that silky effect.  It’s on my “to-do list” to learn more about my camera!


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