Festival of Lights

This year’s Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo was spectacular!  My husband and I went last night before the weather becomes too cold and loved all of the dazzling and colorful lights!


After walking through this tunnel of white lights, you’ll see the tree up above.


Upon entrance into the Cincinnati Zoo, their huge Christmas tree takes center stage!


I was especially impressed with the sound and light display on the lake!  The lights would change shapes and colors in time to the music.  See all of the ducks swimming?


This tunnel of rainbow colors is new…


If you get hungry, there are plenty of little shops to stop and purchase cookies, hot nuts, s’mores, pizza, and of course, hot chocolate!


The children love to ride the choo choo train!



There are fire pits situated around the property for people to roast marshmallows at or just warm up!


It’s actually quite romantic to stroll through with your loved one!


If you have a sweet tooth, they’ve got glowing cotton candy!




Now’s the time to get out and enjoy some of this year’s holiday festivities!

17 thoughts on “Festival of Lights

    • Thanks Alejandro! If you have your camera on Manual setting, you’ll use a shutter speed of about 1/20 (sometimes higher, sometimes lower–depending on the surrounding light), aperature around 3.5, and ISO around 800-1000. I didn’t use my tripod, but am pretty steady. The cotton candy didn’t look like it was glow in the dark until I took the pic. 🙂


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