Blink 2022 in Cincinnati, Ohio

Last night I went with a friend to Blink in Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s an annual global art display, spanning 30-blocks, with 39 large-scale projection mappings, murals, interactive light sculptures, music from over 80 bands, and diverse entertainment from both local and international artists. It lasts for four evenings. We walked about three miles to see about two-thirds of it.

This is in an area called Over-the-Rhine

Washington Park, also in the Over-the-Rhine area, had some beautiful installations.

Cincinnati Music Hall

Fountain Square

There’s even a parade

One wall of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

My friend Scott

Next to the Moerlein Lager House near the Ohio River

The Banks area near the riverfront

The beautiful John A. Roebling Suspension bridge crossing the Ohio River into Covington, Kentucky

I highly recommend taking a road trip to visit Cincinnati during this event!

Krohn Conservatory Christmas Display

The Krohn Conservatory Christmas Display in Cincinnati, Ohio is simply beautiful!  As I watched small children running from display to display, I felt like one of them, excited every time I took a photograph.  I almost tripped a few of them as I was running from spot to spot!  Poinsettias were everywhere!

Here’s the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge that spans the Ohio River from Cincinnati to Covington, Kentucky.  Mr. Roebling also designed the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City!


The colorful and intoxicating display of flowers and plants was almost overwhelming!


The cute trains chugging along, high and low, brought back memories of a Christmas long ago…


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Party in the Park in Cincinnati

Cincinnati has a weekly event during the spring/summer called Party in the Park.  It’s located downtown, on the Ohio River.  I usually attend a once or twice during the summer, but I’ve already been twice this year!  They always have a band and stage set up in the grass and there’s usually a nice crowd, including families and people of all ages.  As you can see from the photograph below, people arrive by boat also!


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