Party in the Park in Cincinnati

Cincinnati has a weekly event during the spring/summer called Party in the Park.  It’s located downtown, on the Ohio River.  I usually attend a once or twice during the summer, but I’ve already been twice this year!  They always have a band and stage set up in the grass and there’s usually a nice crowd, including families and people of all ages.  As you can see from the photograph below, people arrive by boat also!


My friend Gina and I went together and ran into quite a few people we know, so it was fun talking, walking, and enjoying the great weather!Here are some of the fun faces of friends…



And guys with big muscles and tattoos!


I didn’t know these young ladies, but they were awfully sweet and pretty!


I’ve never taken a photograph of the Serpentine Wall from this angle…


A few minutes before we left, I noticed the sun glowing gold on these buildings!


The John A Roebling Suspension Bridge is in the foreground.  It’s named for the man who built it and he also built the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City!


I hope you’re getting out and enjoying some of your Cities’ festivals and/or entertainment!  Or, if you live in the Country…make your own entertainment!

36 thoughts on “Party in the Park in Cincinnati

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  3. Thanks for checking out and liking my post about the polar bears. They sure seemed to enjoy the snow. Great pictures. I don’t get to Cincinnati much anymore but went to some great parties in the 70’s and 80’s on the river. I live in Darke county northwest of Dayton and tend to stay closer to home now,


  4. Excellent photos! Lots of happy faces out there. Love the tats too. I have read about Roebling, an interesting man, I think he died young? And you look awesome too! Great post. 🙂


  5. You look wonderfully relaxed and quite beautiful! I would use this photo more often (top one!) Sounds like a fun time, great pictures of your friends. I liked your band pics and your Proctor and Gamble garden, shown other post. My youngest daughter’s good friend works there and it was nice to see what she walks past daily. Also, the fountain and statue were very pretty. Having been married twice to Turpin Hills/Anderson High School men, I know Cincinnati but have not been back except to drive through for years!


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