Dirty Girl Mud Run

Today I worked a one day assignment checking attendees in at a Dirty Girl Mud Run near my home in Ohio.  I found the Brand Ambassador position with Go Dirty Girls on Craigslist and basically sat at a booth along with a few others, each equipped with a pink I-Pad to check the ladies in and issue them their running number for the 5k breast cancer fund-raising challenge.  Approximately 90% of the 1,200 women/girls over the age of 14 years old checked in.

It was actually quite fun and of course I brought my camera to capture some of their smiles and enthusiasm!


You know I love tattoos…


and reflections…


Some of their costumes and names were quite original!


So cute and colorful!


During my 25 minute lunch break, I not only managed to jog to my car to wolf down my salad, but also had fun watching some of their antics!



It makes me wanna play in the mud!  Plus they received a free beer if they were over 21 years old!


Tomorrow I have some cool photographs from the farm it was held at!

38 thoughts on “Dirty Girl Mud Run

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  2. I love reflections and tatoos too!! I wanted to photograph as many as I could but I´m a little bit shy when it comes to take pictures of people 🙂 great event!!


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