Pirates in the Park

Women love pirates!  I think because they are a little rough, usually handsome and bad boys.  This pirate was at Party in the Park last night giving out free drink tickets for a local bar.  It was a beautiful evening–close to 80 degrees with a light breeze.  You can see the Purple People bridge in the background (a pedestrian only bridge in Cincinnati, Ohio crossing the Ohio River into Newport, Kentucky).


People sitting on the Serpentine Wall…


A little girl waiting for her parents to catch up…



People doing what they do best at Party in the Park…”Party”!  The shadows caught my eye…


Picture posing time.  I wore a new $20 dress from T.J. Maxx that reminded me of a modern 60’s look.  I had on cork platform shoes that made me 6’2″ tall, so needless to say people were staring.  I rarely wear heels, but they’re actually quite comfortable.


I went to the Party with my friend Sherry.  We’ve known each other for 40 years.  In school we were known as the “Sherrys“.  Do you ever tell your friends that you love them.  I told Sherry last night for a few reasons.  1) I’ve probably only told her a couple of times through the years; 2) You never know if you’ll see each other again; and 3) We need to spread Love!


My friend Dee arrived a little later unexpectedly.  It was a nice surprise!


On the mile walk back to our cars at Friendship Park, we couldn’t help but notice how pretty the sky looked!


Tomorrow I’ll post some additional photos from the beginning of the evening at Friendship Park.  See you then!

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