Friendship Park

Summertime and parks just go together!  Just this year a friend told me about a park in Cincinnati that I hadn’t heard of named the  Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park.  I visited in the Spring with that friend and took photos.  You can read about that here.  Anyway, on Wednesday I met my friend Sherry there to walk and have a picnic dinner before heading over to Party in the Park.  This beautiful young lady, named Marie, was there with her skateboard and let me take a few photos.  Her mother was with her and informed me that she is a model.


This photo is a little blurry.  I should have panned or used the sports setting on my camera.


The long grass through this section of the path was pretty…


I just finished reading a book called “The Language of Flowers” and really enjoyed it.  There were some beautiful flowers there…



It’s always interesting and fun to take photographs of people taking photographs…


This shadow looked like a teardrop to me…


There are shapes and patterns all around us.  I find the more I take photographs, the more I see.

12 thoughts on “Friendship Park

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  2. The jump and tear drop photos are great! The grass is well manicured as shown by the clean separation between tall grass and short. Having mowed commercially for years, I notice that stuff. Great photos!i


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