Family Photo Shoot

I took photographs of my friends Todd and Laurie’s blended family a few days ago and referred to a written list of some of the poses and ideas I wanted to try, that I had taken with me.  It was a lot of fun.  For this one, I laid on the ground with my legs between Laurie’s legs and had all eleven of them look down at me.  You need to have your flash on for this one.  It would be even better if there were fewer people.


This was my first “official” family photo shoot and I learned a few things.  We decided to meet at Nisbet Park in Loveland.  This was the first time in a long while that all of them were together, so it was difficult to get or keep their attention while I was directing them on the poses.  I am rather soft-spoken, so I’ll need to learn to raise my voice.  I know background matters, but I was trying to keep them engaged and moving from pose to pose, so I didn’t notice this pole near the son.



I’ve seen this pose in graduation shots where they stand behind a tree and peek out.  This wasn’t on my list, but one of the girls mentioned it…and I think it turned out cute.

The little one is so cute!


For this photograph, I told them to “strike a pose”.


Originally, I was going to have them all touch fingers in the star shape, but it was difficult to see the little girl, so I had the idea to make her be part of the star.


This was the first pose we did…


And this was the last one.  I probably took two or three shots of each pose, and we were finished in under an hour.


Which one or two are your favorite?

39 thoughts on “Family Photo Shoot

  1. I like the lying down one, and I like the girls peeking out from behind the trees. They’re all great though. They’ll be much more memorable than the class photo type, although you’ve done a nice job with those traditional ones too.


    • There’s another one I didn’t post that is similar to the third one, but they are just holding hands at equal distance from each other…and standing still. My husband likes that one the best.


  2. Great job, Sherry.
    It has been awhile since I did this for a living and I am pretty impressed with your results. A large group like this is difficult and you made it look easy. They all look like they are having a great time throughout which is what makes the shots so engaging. Don’t sweat the small stuff like the pole that is easily removed. My favourite is the first one with you lying down and them looking down at you. I also like the one with them walking hand in hand. They are all really good and you have given them some great choices to work with but those two would be my favourites.


    • Thanks Michelle. You’re right…it is a little difficult with a large group. The kids pretty much ignored me until I said things a two or three times. I guess they were just excited to see each other. It’s helpful to know which ones are someone’s favorites. Thanks.


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