Dancing in the Park

Put your dancin’ shoes on and come to the park…Ault Park in Cincinnati!  Thursday evening was the perfect night for it and after having an appetizer and drink with my girlfriend Cindy, we headed over to have more fun.  Ault Park has a series of outdoor dances during the summer with live music.  I stood the entire evening…with new shoes on…talking with friends, sipping wine and taking photographs.  My favorite is this one of a lady dancing.  As I watched the dancers, I noticed the sunlight dancing with their feet.


There were lots of hula hoops for people to have fun with.  I walked up a series of stairs to have a view of the crowd and noticed this little girl…


I’ve met this guy once at a pool party last year and thought that he and his girlfriend looked very cute together, so I snapped a photo as they arrived.


Here are some of the photos I took of friends…


The dance floor became quite crowded.


This cute little dog stood still for his photo…


With my huge camera…I feel like the paparazzi!

15 thoughts on “Dancing in the Park

  1. [I stood the entire evening…with new shoes on…talking with friends, sipping wine and taking photographs.] Next time, let one of your friends hold your camera for about 10 minutes or so — so that YOU can boogie down too! 🙂 — I’m just saying . . .


  2. I thought your photos were lovely, as ever. I enjoyed the photos of your friends. They definitely look warm and inviting. It is so special to have cherished friends. That community fellowship at the dances looks wonderful!


  3. You look like one of the “official” photographers that come to the events around Cincinnati to take pics for the various websites when you are walking around with that camera. So, I guess you are our very own paparazzi! Keep clicking. We love your work.


  4. We celebrated Midsummer .. and the whole nation, except me with a cold, was dancing outdoor during the whole evening and night. In Sweden there is outdoor dancing Friday and Saturday in most places, during the 3 months of summer. Something very unique for Sweden – Folkpark it’s called (The People Parks) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folkpark – great post, happy … and colorful.
    I wish you a great and lovely weekend.


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