Stanley’s Pub Blues and BBQ

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to sit on a patio, listening to great music, talking with friends, having a drink and last night at Stanley’s Pub I got to do all of them!  Four bands played the blues beginning with the Leo Clarke Band.  We missed them but loved Band #2 — Chuck Brisbin and the Tuna Project.  Odd name but they were great.


Loved this belt my friend Laura had on…


At sunset the third band was up…Tattered Roots.  They were also good…in a different way…not as much for dancing to, but very good.


Here they are close up…


There were a group of friends there and I took a few photos of Laura posing.  We both liked this one.


Inside Stanley’s Pub, the pendant lighting over the bar was nicely reflected in the street window…


Saving the best for last…the Kelly Richey Band feat. Freekbass was soooo good!  I’m not sure why, but they had this band set up inside.  Kelly really rocks and the bass player reminds us of the 80’s band Devo.  His style was ultra cool!  Love, Love, Love them!


The drummer was really good too…but you can’t see her in this shot.



On the way home we went through the White Castle drive-thru!  It’s been a couple of years since I had any…it was time.  This photo was inside…


Great night!

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