You’re Never Too Old for Pony Tails

Last night Randy and I rode the Harley to hear one of our favorite bands at a Harley shop, where they set up outdoors and have vendors selling BBQ and beer.  Some strong storms had moved through the area an hour or two before we left, but the radar was clear, so off we went.  Upon arrival, we discovered they had cancelled due to the threat of bad weather.  I’ll tell you about Plan B in a minute.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to think of a way to keep my hair from getting too tangled without putting it in a pony tail and braiding it and came up with this.  I felt like Pippi Longstocking


We pulled over on the Harley so I could take a pic of the sunset…


Plan B…we met my friend Shari (some other friends arrived later) at the Silver Spring House, a local restaurant/bar and had a drink and some laughs.


Here’s Shari being a good sport and posing for me out in the pretty entry way.  She’s Italian if you can’t tell.


I took a few in the outdoor area where we were seated and I played around with this photo.  Originally, it was overexposed, but I added highlight and contrast and I think it turned out pretty cool…


She’s looking quite sexy…


In the last couple of days, two friends have called and offered me photography work!  Yeah!

10 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Old for Pony Tails

  1. Awesome your getting offers! Those clouds indeed look threatening, we were pounded by a severe storm here in Las Vegas last night – what a lightning show! Love the pony tails, Pippy. 😉


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