Plan B for Jimmy Buffett Concert

Jimmy Buffett had a concert at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio Tuesday evening and my friend April (2nd from left) invited a group of friends out on her boat to listen to the concert from the water.  What an adventure!  Here we are pre-party.  (Not taken with my camera…little fuzzy)


I’ve been boating on the Ohio River for 20 years and have encountered some hairy situations, but this one was the most intense.  I’m usually with my husband (the Captain).  Anyway, here are some pics before all of the “situations” occurred.  Love this photo of April having fun driving the short 10-15 minutes to the concert.  Grass skirt blowing in the wind…


We spotted the 38ft. boat of our friend Bob, who we were tying up to…


As I mentioned in yesterday’s post…the river was high and the current was extremely fast.  The red structure is where the concert was held.  Another friend tied up to Bob’s boat and we tied up to their boat.  After about five minutes, the boats behind us yelled out that we were drifting and were going to hit their boats.  Come to find out another boat had accidentally run over Bob’s (the 38ft. boat) anchor and that’s why we were drifting.  I ran to the front of April’s boat and although the rope was very taunt/tight, was able to untie the knot, while someone untied the back rope.  April’s engine stalled and we swiftly began to play bumper boats with the boat behind us.  I ran to the back and pushed off with my legs while April restarted her boat.  We drove out away from the boats and waited until Bob got his anchor back and returned to give it another shot.


Once we were settled again, my friend Gina and I left our things on April’s boat and hopped aboard Bob’s boat to snack on some of the food we had brought.  All of a sudden the commotion begins again outside.  Another friend had tied up to April’s boat, but only their back rope was secure, so they had to cut the rope to free themselves.  Meanwhile we lost anchor again, so everyone dispersed and after about 15-20 minutes, April returned to explain that she had been stopped by the water patrol, who checked to make sure she was practicing safe boating (i.e. enough life jackets, fire extinguisher, hadn’t been drinking, etc.).  She passed, but after all of this, she was ready to go back to the dock and pool and relax there.

The only song I’ve ever heard on the radio from Jimmy Buffett was Margaritaville.  Maybe some day I’ll get to listen to some others.

There’s always a Plan B in life!

26 thoughts on “Plan B for Jimmy Buffett Concert

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  2. Great pictures!! I wonder how you awesome ladies kept the guys off your boat?? Lol! The monsoon is finally gone and the river upstream in marietta is returning to normal! That makes me mad when people don’t watch where tey are going, ESP when the current is rolling!!


  3. Great adventure… If you have Sirius Satellite radio check out the Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville channel its fab! You have to experience a Jimmy Concert… its a total beach party filled with parrotheads in grass skirts, sandals and frosty drinks in hand. We will be at Saturday’s concert in Detroit. Make it a point of getting to at least one every summer. The concert starts at 8 pm but the party and tailgate beach bash start at noon…..


  4. Pretty scary scenes with the boat problems! As for Jimmy Buffett, I think Margaritaville is the song I like the least. He has lots of others that are WAY better. Hope you get to hear them someday.


  5. Hey, I was there sweating it out with the lawn people! So sorry that you missed the concert- this was my 10th one- it was good. The most dramatic thing that happened to me is that someone almost knocked my beer over. Hopefully you can make it work out next year- it’s definitely something everyone should have the chance to enjoy at least once! For me, I was hooked after my 1st show- it’s my own little summer vacation without having to go anywhere. You and your friends at least look like you’re happy and having fun in the pics though! Fins Up!


  6. Sorry about all the boating issues. As an avid but dry docked boater, I understand the frustration and even the anger that someone was careless and ran over the anchor line. Plain dumb. I hope the river depth falls enough soon to return boating to normal. You look great in the bikini! 😉


      • oh yeah! Frankly, the anchor line being cut by a careless captain would have had me over the edge. There is no excuse for this BS. I’d have reported the captain to the nearest patrol boat. Call me ultra safe on the water.

        boats lose anchor and drift, but cutting line is out of bounds…


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