Friday Fun

Friday was a great time!  I went to Newport on the Levee again.  There was a “bike rally” for motorcycles, but because of the chance of rain, there weren’t many attendees.

A couple of ladies were holding a snake and they asked if I’d like to hold it.  I usually say “YES” to everything!


And there was a mechanical bull.  I probably should have tried it, but I was having fun taking photographs again…


This guy was selling southern food and was quite the character.  I guessed he was from Alabama and he’s from the border of Georgia and Alabama.


Next on the agenda..some food.  We stopped at Mitchell’s Fish Market and split some yummy Salmon, Tilapia, and scallops…


Back outside, this silver guy was interesting…


Here are a few of the motorcycles at the rally…


We stopped in the town of Newport to visit a friend.  Walking to a restaurant within the neighborhood, this guy’s fuchsia shirt and posture caught my attention.


Having stopped in a neighborhood bar called Green Derby, I met Jasmine…the girl bartender.  I forget the guy’s name.  Anyway, she’s really talented with photography and art.  They were both very nice.


This neighborhood church was cool…


The sky was glowing peach, pink, yellow, and purple…


This little boy was our friend’s neighbor’s son.  So innocent.


Happy 4th of July…a couple of days late…and hoping you’re deciding to be happy!

22 thoughts on “Friday Fun

  1. You ARE up for anything and do get around. I fairly looked for a tall blonde woman around Fountain Plaza, the Rhine district and Newport on the levee when I was there last month.
    OMG…I had salmon at Mitchell’s on the levee last month.


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