Sunday Funday

It had been quite rainy for days around Cincinnati, so when the weather was nice Sunday afternoon I had itchy feet.  I took a solo trip to Fountain Square and Washington Park in Downtown Cincinnati.  Washington Park is so cool!  They have a water feature with fun and unpredictable bursts of water.  I tried the silhouette function on my camera…the Nikon D5100.  I love this effect….


Here’s the color sketch function…


And just a normal shot…


I cropped this photo to show just the little boy’s hand…


These girls were so fun to watch.  The one on the right pushed the other one after this shot…


Here’s me.  I’ve discovered I don’t really need anyone to take photos of me…there’s usually something reflective.


This little boy really has the moves…


Washington Park had a dance troupe performing.  I sat in the grass waiting and took a photo of this little girl’s hair…


Summer and Sundays….what fun!

24 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. Man but you do have fun… what a life… but most importantly… what magnificent photos you always take…not so big a fan of the colour sketch function, but then it’s probably only me…


    • I do Rob! But…sometimes looks can be deceiving…while out and about taking photos…which I love to do…I was by myself. Not really relaxing or listening to music…more like on a photo shoot assignment. Thanks for the nice compliment. There are other effects I like better also.


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