Why you should visit Alms Park in Cincinnati

I’ve discovered a new park in Cincinnati….Alms Park!  Actually it’s not new…just new to me.  I met my friend Cindy there to check it out before heading over to Newport on the Levy again.  Although the Park is less than 100 acres, the pavilion, landscape and beautiful views make it a great place to have a picnic, take the kids to play on the playground, or even have a wedding!

Nicholas Longworth originally owned the land and grew grapes for his Catawba wine before the Civil War.  In 1916, his widow gave the land to the Parks commission for the public to enjoy.




Cute pic of Cindy, but I didn’t notice her necklace was askew before taking it.


Cindy had just picked up a new camera and was familiarizing herself with it.  This shot she took with my camera.


Trying to get jiggy with it…


Beautiful trees…


I’m zoomed in from the pavilion for a view of the Ohio River.  These girls were practicing yoga there…


Practicing some poses…





If you walk a few hundred yards through the park, you’ll come to an overlook of Lunken Airport that’s quite pretty…


It’s fun being a Tourist in my City!

30 thoughts on “Why you should visit Alms Park in Cincinnati

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  3. I may have already commented on this, but love your dress and jewelry! I have been wearing summer dresses for the past 7 summers. Love to match unique jewelry and sandals! Fun times, like the arches’ and trellis work’s silhouettes in photos. You are correct that you can’t share too much information, we are visible in our photos. Take care, thanks for your lovely and supportive comments!


  4. Beautiful surrounding … and views. One of the reasons could me to met up with you girls *smile – fantastic photos as always, Sherry … but my favorite shot is the swings.


  5. I try to encourage people to be tourists in their home towns too! It is so much fun when you discover some place new or new to you. NYC is sprouting all sorts of terrific urban parks and I’m thrilled when I “discover” them. I love the swing shot.


  6. What a beautiful place! My favorite photo is the one with the swings! ~ Hubby and I are going on a motorcycle ride today to check out some historic covered bridges, here in Georgia. I’m taking my big camera — Nikon D3100 — to practice my photography skills. You’ll have to let me know what you think after I post them!


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