Revitalization of Over the Rhine and Ohio’s Oldest Farmer’s Market, Findlay Market

I’ve posted photographs of an area in Cincinnati called Over-the-Rhine in the past, but I was in the area on Saturday again (before the snow hit yesterday) for a pole dancing class that you can read about here, and wanted to go to a wonderful farmer’s market called Findlay Market before my class.  Here’s a photo of a small portion of the outside area…


We had some unseasonably warm weather, 50 degrees and sunny, so it was a pleasure to get out!  I bought some bananas, Sunflower bread from my favorite bakery, Blue Oven Bakery, raw Honey, and a basket of apples.  Findlay Market is the oldest farmer’s market in Ohio and is located in an area called Over-the-Rhine.  This area was at one point, not so long ago, riddled with crime.  According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, “in just six years, developers have moved Over-the-Rhine from one of America’s poorest, most run-down neighborhoods to among its most promising.”

It still has its share of crime and as you can see from the photos, poverty.


I parked my car on a side street about two blocks from the market and took some photographs as I walked there…


There weren’t many people out and about, probably because it was still early…10:00am.  Although the buildings are old, the brightly colored facades give the area such a beautiful look!


The dead vines on this building look like hair…


This is where I entered the inside market area…


It was surprisingly busy inside and I had to be to my class by 11:00am, so I bought my goodies and went on my way!


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17 thoughts on “Revitalization of Over the Rhine and Ohio’s Oldest Farmer’s Market, Findlay Market

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  3. This reminds me of the Columbus Farmer’s Market. All the brightness and colors are captured excellently in your camera lens and you always focus on interesting sights! Hope this 2014 brings you much happiness, continued health and lots of fun times to share with us! Smiles, Robin


  4. Love your photos – the colors look amazing! I love Findlay Market and try to make it there once a month. Kroeger meats, the fresh pasta stand, Colonel De, and the wine shop are my favorite places to visit.


  5. Wonderful pics. I love OTR and Findlay Market. Very impressed with the Washington Park and Vine Street revitalization as well. OTR is really making a comeback.


  6. I love the colors of these buildings! Its something I saw when I was in a lot of old European towns and I loved it. Glad you were able to capture the buildings – the first one has a real 3D depth to it that makes you feel you are standing on the street


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