First Assignment for I Spy Cincy…Taking Photos of Iconic Cincinnati Landmarks

I’m so happy to tell you I’m now officially a part-time freelance photographer for an online magazine called “I Spy Cincy”!  My first assignment was to go out and take photographs of iconic Cincinnati landmarks in the snow.  One of my stops was the beautiful Eden Park, which is near downtown Cincinnati.  Just before arriving, I spotted this beautiful tree, parked my car on the road and snapped a shot.


Looking the other way, I was delighted to see this beautiful scene…


I’m standing in Eden Park here overlooking the Ohio River


I love taking photographs of people taking photographs of people…


I’m not sure what this tower is called, but it was beautiful against the blue sky…


Tomorrow, I’ll share some of the other photographs I took of Cincinnati landmarks!  With hard work and perseverance, I’m making my dreams come true!

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41 thoughts on “First Assignment for I Spy Cincy…Taking Photos of Iconic Cincinnati Landmarks

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  3. Congrat! These are great pictures! It’s always surprising how different the city looks with a blanket of snow. I was wishing I had my camera when I was driving home Thurs night and there was fresh snow.


  4. Sherry, Congratulations on your new job as a free-lance photographer! I am so HAPPY for you!!!! I am just beaming with Joy! YAY! Your photos never disappoint……my favorite is the last photo….The Tower. I think that beautiful tower was one of Cincinnati’s water towers many years ago. Someone told me that it is now used as a communication tower for the city. It is such a beautiful tower, isn’t it! Have a Spectacular Sunday!


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