Eden Park to Mt. Adams Hike in Cincinnati, Ohio

I had a date Saturday morning to take an urban hike. I suggested meeting at Eden Park Overlook and hiking to Mt. Adams…approximately 3 miles round trip.

Eden Park

Eden Park Overlook

We took a break at The Bow Tie Cafe and had some water. The view was gorgeous!

View from the Holy Cross Immaculata Church

He wasn’t a match, but it was a beautiful day!

First Assignment for I Spy Cincy…Taking Photos of Iconic Cincinnati Landmarks

I’m so happy to tell you I’m now officially a part-time freelance photographer for an online magazine called “I Spy Cincy”!  My first assignment was to go out and take photographs of iconic Cincinnati landmarks in the snow.  One of my stops was the beautiful Eden Park, which is near downtown Cincinnati.  Just before arriving, I spotted this beautiful tree, parked my car on the road and snapped a shot.


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Last night I went to an event in Cincinnati at Mirror Lake in Eden Park…called Balluminaria.  It was beautiful!  There was one balloon in with the crowd…

Across the small man-made “Mirror Lake” were the other balloons.  In preparation for nightfall…

It was a bit breezy, so you couldn’t see the balloon reflections very well, but it was still really lovely!

I forgot to take my tripod…but they turned out pretty well anyway…I think!


It’s Alive!

I can scratch off another experience from my bucket list…a Segway tour!  It was fun…a bit dangerous…and we had a beautiful day for it.  I took my son, whom I infrequently do anything with and he loved it.  There were six people on the tour of Eden Park in Cincinnati.  After a 20 minute lesson…we were off.  Up and down hills…along skinny sidewalks with steep drop offs…and even off-road.

I had to laugh watching the tour guide give Justin his lesson…she was about 5’4″ and in comparison to his 6’9″ frame…it was quite comical!

Unfortunately, a couple in their late 50’s or early 60’s fell off of their Segway a number of times.  Luckily only their pride was injured.  They are quite tricky – when you step on or off…they sense your presence and react by moving.

The mighty “Ohio River” was sparkling in the sunlight!

“Twin Lakes” were very tranquil.  I haven’t been to Eden Park in many years.




We sat outside in Mt. Adams for a late lunch afterwards and went shopping afterwards.  It was a great day.  I’m blessed to have a wonderful son to spend time with!

Hope your day was great too!!