Art After Dark at the Cincinnati Art Museum

If you’re looking for things to do in Cincinnati, I suggest stopping by the Cincinnati Art Museum for their monthly Art After Dark event.  A new friend and I made that our first stop last night and enjoyed watching the salsa dancing and wandering from room to room to view paintings, sculpture and other types of art on display.  If you’d like to avoid the $4.00 parking fee, and don’t mind walking 3-5 minutes, there’s a free lot for use.

Upon arrival, I noticed Pinocchio with his arms reaching towards the sky, as if in wonder…


Once inside the grand foyer, this piece by Chihuly is stunning…


In addition to Salsa dancing, a cash bar is available.


As I was taking photographs, an employee nicely informed me that certain pieces can be photographed and others not.  A sticker with a camera and an X through it meant “No photographs”.

This installation was quite interesting…


The lighting gleamed on the wooden floors in this wood-paneled room…


I found these lamps and their shadows creative…


I explained to my friend that it was good practice for me to take photographs.  It helps hone my composition skills.


This couple agreed to be photographed.  I told them they looked quite “artsy”.


Tomorrow, I’ll have photographs from the second half of our evening…so please come back!

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16 thoughts on “Art After Dark at the Cincinnati Art Museum

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  3. I wanted to say that although I don’t know much about photography, I find your photos absolutely breathtaking. So, while I can’t make suggestions or specific comments, just know that I am so enjoying all of the photos you’ve been posting. There is something special to see in each one of these Art After Dark photos. Delicious! 🙂


    • You can’t see it in the photo since I turned it into Black and White, but she has a pink streak going through her hair and he has tatoos and piercings…so they looked as though they were making a statement.


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