River Arts District

The River Arts District in Asheville, North Carolina reminds me a bit of the Pendleton Arts Center in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.  There are studios, galleries and restaurants located near Downtown Asheville, along the French Broad River.  Many of them are in converted warehouses.   After visiting the Biltmore Estate yesterday, I stopped in this area to check it out.

As I wandered through the buildings/studios, I would ask before I took photos.  The artists seemed to appreciate that.

These are some of the paintings that caught my eye…

If you’ve followed my blog for a while…you know I like fire escapes!

Because I’m taking such a long trip…I’m trying to be smart with my money, so I’d like to try to eat out for lunch only.  Lunch is less expensive than dinner when dining out.  Yesterday, I ate lunch at the Clingman Cafe and enjoyed  one of their special sandwiches.  It was yummy!  Then…for dinner it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I stopped in Downtown Asheville to see the sights and take photos…but I’d only gotten a few streets over before my camera’s battery went dead…so that’s where I’ll head today.

17 thoughts on “River Arts District

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  2. Whatever you do, don’t miss the self-guided Art Deco walking tour — I learned SO much about the history of the town, and since you’re walking, you really slow down and look at the buildings and can read about their unique history. Have a blast! (wish i could have met you there!) Plus, dinner at Limon — my fave!!!


  3. I can see why the work of the artist in the first “collection” shot caught your eye. They look like some of the beautiful fiery photos you have been sharing lately. I would love to know the names of some of the paintings and their creators.
    Stupid batteries! Some day we will live in a world without batteries and all will be right with the world.


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