Downtown Asheville Street Art

Asheville, North Carolina has some fun and funky street art!  Armed with an Urban Trail/Public Art Map from the Visitor’s Center,  I parked in the Wall Street lot (free for the first hour…75 cents ea additional) around 8:30am and set off to explore.  These photos aren’t in chronological order.

This is a flat iron and reflects the architecture located behind it…

Musicians busy making music…

I love entry ways…

This mural really looks like a street…

Sculpture at the Federal Building…

Sooo whimsical…

This sculpture on Haywood Street is called “Shopping Daze” and represents the time in history when Haywood Street was the region’s fashionable shopping district!

This wasn’t on the map…but it’s quite eclectic!

Richard Sharp Smith, the supervising architect of the Biltmore House, is honored by this bench and sculpture…

The following murals were also not on the map…but they’re lovely!

Last…but certainly not least…nature’s street art!

Asheville definitely has an artsy…hip vibe!  Tomorrow we’ll view some of Asheville’s amazing architecture!

24 thoughts on “Downtown Asheville Street Art

  1. I love the Grove Park, stayed there, kinda felt like I was back in time. I have wanted to go there at Christmas n see the gingerbread treasures. The downtown looks beautiful, what an awesome place to go….


  2. What fun. I just came from spending two days in Ashville. I stayed at the TAPS RV Park near the Blue Ridge Parkway exit. I didn’t see all these so it was nice of you to share.


  3. I had the pleasure of living and working in Asheville in the early 1970s. We rented a house looking toward downtown from the north. My office was in what was then a relatively new high rise steel and glass building at or near Pack Square. We enjoyed Sunday dinners at the Grove Park Inn. As you are well aware the autumn color is fantastic in Asheville. I am somewhat jealous. Have a wonderful visit there and please send more pictures.


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