How to break into Real Estate Photography

The best way to break into Real Estate Photography is through someone you know!  My brother’s wife is a Realtor and over Easter I mentioned I was going to buy a wide-angle lens for Real Estate photography, architecture and landscapes.  She had a house ready to list and I went over today to take photographs.  It was a rainy day here in Cincinnati, but fortunately the rain abated long enough for me to snap a few photos of the outside…


It’s a beautiful home with 4,800 square feet!  It took me an hour and one-half to take the photos and that was with me rushing because I had a hair appointment to keep!


I went from room to room, turning on lights, adjusting bedding, etc.  I really liked this room…


Here’s a different view of it…


I used my new tripod and corded shutter release to obtain nice photos with low light…


The Master Bedroom is huge!


There are four bedrooms, but one of them doesn’t have any furniture in it.



This large family room is upstairs.  The home isn’t occupied, so there’s not much furniture in it.


the Dining Room…


This cute room is across from the Dining Room…


and the Living Room…


The deck has different levels, but we only needed one for the listing…


What do you think…do my first real estate photos look professional?

33 thoughts on “How to break into Real Estate Photography

  1. I think you did a wonderful job here. The wide angle lens really gives us a feel for the scope of the rooms and the house overall. I would love to do this as a career, or at least a part-time one and these photos have inspired me.


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