Munich has Surfing, Beer & Pretzels

Who knew Munich has an outdoor place where talented surfers practice their sport!  My friend and I were walking to the English Garden and as we crested a hill, with the whooshing sound of waves crashing against the cement walls, we were surprised to see these skilled surfers, at times, darting perilously close to the walls.


A crowd had congregated to watch the action…


The surfers would jump in and take turns riding the waves!


What a cool surprise!  All of that excitement made Richard hungry for an authentic German pretzel and a “big” beer!  His traveling buddy, Pleepeous wanted some too!


It was great to be back in Germany after so many years!

12 thoughts on “Munich has Surfing, Beer & Pretzels

  1. Something about watching others do physical activities that makes us guys reach for a beer and a pretzel 😉 . Hey, did you guys kill that Jimmy guy and steal his monkey?
    Nice post, had no idea they had surfing in Munich.
    Frank (bbqboy)


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