On the Street in Munich

While exploring the streets of Munich, we came upon a photo shoot, so I asked the photographer if I could take a photo of the models.  He said to ask them…so I did and they said yes!


Here are some other “people, places or things” I encountered “On the Streets of Munich”

A cute little (old) scooter!


These costumed beggars weren’t looking so happy.  Show me the money??  Attitude is everything!


I believe I was in the vicinity of the Munich Residence when I took this photo…


A crowd had gathered to witness the short play enacted by figurines at the famous Glockenspiel.  It rivals the Astronomical clock in Prague.  I have to say I liked Glockenspiel the best!


A nice to place to have a beer and people watch!


This isn’t the Street, but I had to take the Metro to get to the train station where we would take an overnight train to Amsterdam!


Munich was fun, but it’s time to move on to Amsterdam!

17 thoughts on “On the Street in Munich

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  2. Munich is great, and the glockenspiel is interesting to watch. Prague’s is also very intriguing when you understand what each character is symbolising. My accommodation was close by, so I saw it about a dozen times on our stay. I can’t remember all the details now, but for example, the skeleton turning the hour glass on its side is to remind us that time is running out for us all. I imagine munichs glockenspiel employs the same imagery.


    • I’m afraid to say that I was in a bit of a tizzy much of the time in Europe because we saw so much and I was responsible for getting everyone from point a to b. I remember the skeleton, but not much else.


  3. I’m so desperate to visit Germany I can almost taste it! Like Spain, it’s one of my ancestral homelands, and I have to make a point to visit before I die. Thanks for these great photos, Sherry! I’m sharing this with some other Teutonic friends, plus on my Facebook page.


  4. Love those models! The guy kinda reminds me of “Zoolander.” ha, ha, ha…funny…..but very nice looking people! It must have been fun to see the shoot going on. I have seen them a few times in Milan….and gosh..I have to say….the models are truly stunning….so tall! With beautiful clothes….

    PS – – love the scooter too!


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