Crossing the Galata Bridge and sights along the way

The Galata Bridge in Istanbul is symbolic of the link between the traditional old city of Istanbul and neighborhoods to the east that are largely non-Muslim.  The bridge spans the Golden Horn (the primary inlet of the Bosphorus) and has been rebuilt five times.  These are some of the sites I saw on either side of the bridge and on the bridge itself.


I believe we were headed towards Takism Square here…


I’m also a collector of street graffiti “art”!


Nice view of the Bosphorus…




The fishing must be excellent!

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Colorful and Bustling Istanbul

Sights like this, a cat plumped down in the middle of a table of belts, enriched my visit to Istanbul and created such a fun and surprising atmosphere!


When you pick apart a scene like this to understand why it seems foreign to someone from America, the things that stand out to me are: the cart (it’s unlike those from America), the way the man is dressed on the right, with a long apron, the man in the background carrying a box on his head, the cobblestones, and the foreign signs on the building across the street.


Love this guy’s spirit!!


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The Royal Mile

Having researched The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland before my trip, and checked out some photos of it, I have to say it’s even more beautiful in person!  It stretches from the Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, hence the name.  A little known fact, at least to those who don’t live in Scotland, it’s actually a bit longer (.12) than a normal mile, because it’s a Scot’s mile.  After spending four nights in Dublin, my friend and I flew on Ryan Air to Edinburgh to explore for four days.  The architecture can only be described as being Grand and the City is filled with so much history!  Compared to Dublin, the City of Edinburgh is much hillier and to me more interesting.


I reserved an Airbnb, located within 15 minutes walking distance from The Royal Mile, and was very pleased with the Apartment.  It’s a three-bedroom and we had to share it with other people.  The first couple that stayed for one night of our stay weren’t very friendly, but the next couple were very talkative and nice.  Cute living/dining/kitchen area…

DSC_6809Breakfast was included with the rental and the owners made sure to keep it stocked with yogurt, cereal, milk, fruit, bread, etc.


Here’s my friend Teresa taking a photo of her bedroom…


which looks just like my bedroom…


The weather was overcast much of the time, and rained for part of one day, and drizzled a bit another day, but nice the remainder.  The umbrellas are nice for photographing!

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Ireland’s Medieval City of Kilkenny and its Castle

Kilkenny’s rich medieval heritage is evident in the city’s treasure trove of historical buildings and landmarks, especially the magnificent Kilkenny Castle.  Kilkenny is Ireland’s most beautiful medieval city.  My day trip from Dublin through Collins Day Tours included this majestic city.  I walked around the castle looking for a variety of perspectives.


The back “yard” goes forever, with its lush and green manicured lawn!


Who doesn’t love fountains!


A couple of young lads enjoying the day!  Nice to see them phone-less.


The city of Kilkenny through my eyes and lens…



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Dublin in a Day

Arriving to Dublin in late afternoon, I settled into the Airbnb I had reserved, located in the Temple Bar area, within walking distance to all of the major attractions.  My friend and I went to a nearby grocery store for some breakfast and snack items (along with some local wine) and went out to dinner.  We had Irish excursions planned for the following two days, so we didn’t really explore Dublin until our last day in the City.  We had wonderful weather and I was so excited to be in Ireland!  Dublin is a very walk-able city.  I asked these two beautiful lassies for their photo…


A typical Dublin street…


The famous Ha’ Penny Bridge.


Trinity College’s “Book of Kells” was amazing!  The Book of Kells, created in 800 AD, is composed of four gospels of the New Testament.  The room itself is magnificent!

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On the Street in Munich

While exploring the streets of Munich, we came upon a photo shoot, so I asked the photographer if I could take a photo of the models.  He said to ask them…so I did and they said yes!


Here are some other “people, places or things” I encountered “On the Streets of Munich”

A cute little (old) scooter!


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On the Street…Cincinnati, Ohio

I finished my second assignment for ISPYCINCY on Sunday.  I was to go to a heavy foot traffic area such as Fountain Square in Downtown Cincinnati or the Hyde Park area and take photographs of stylish/interesting looking people and ask them a series of questions.

I began in Hyde Park (there are a lot of upscale shops and restaurants in the area) and based on past experience, knew that most everyone would be a willing participant!  Here are a few of them…

I really like this girl’s style.  Casual and sporty…


I was to collect their name, occupation, where they would like to be if they could be anywhere else in the world at that moment, what they most liked about Cincinnati, who or what inspired their fashion style, and if they had made a New Year’s resolution, what it was.

This lady is pregnant and was so cute.  She said she just had her hair done!


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