On the Street…Cincinnati, Ohio

I finished my second assignment for ISPYCINCY on Sunday.  I was to go to a heavy foot traffic area such as Fountain Square in Downtown Cincinnati or the Hyde Park area and take photographs of stylish/interesting looking people and ask them a series of questions.

I began in Hyde Park (there are a lot of upscale shops and restaurants in the area) and based on past experience, knew that most everyone would be a willing participant!  Here are a few of them…

I really like this girl’s style.  Casual and sporty…


I was to collect their name, occupation, where they would like to be if they could be anywhere else in the world at that moment, what they most liked about Cincinnati, who or what inspired their fashion style, and if they had made a New Year’s resolution, what it was.

This lady is pregnant and was so cute.  She said she just had her hair done!




Everyone wanted to smile, which is a normal reaction when you’re having your photograph taken, but I also wanted to capture some other emotions or looks.  This guy (he’s a physician) didn’t smile for his second photo.  He was genuinely surprised when I told him he looked stylish.  He said some of the people he works with tease him for not having style.  (They’re probably just jealous!)


Love the blue and the stripes!


I stopped at Kenwood Mall to pick up some make-up from Ulta and stopped this girl in the parking lot.  She’s a Fashion Design student…very unique!


Most people are so interesting and friendly!

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24 thoughts on “On the Street…Cincinnati, Ohio

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  2. It has been almost 30 years since I left the Queen City. I lived downtown (Race St. @ W.9th) and as a graduate student, grew fond of Skyline Chile, Christian Moerlein Beer and the Blind Lemon…and studying, of course. Thanks for shaking some memories loose.


  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the variety of people you used as subjects for this assignment, Sherry! Each has their own style and very attractively presented outfits or clothing. I am in awe of this job, ISPYCINCY is an excellent path for you to be adding to your resume! Smiles, Robin


    • Hi Chris. It was so nice to hear from you…and thanks very much for the compliment. I’m taking photography classes and am teaching myself Lightroom5 (similar to Photoshop). I hope you’re holding up under all of the caregiving. Sending peace…Sherry!


  4. Wow, great! The first two men are very much stylin’, the guy on the bottom indeed is very intense looking. All of the women look great too. The pregnant woman has great style. It’s obvious you are loving this and I’m happy for you. Thanks for sharing these!


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