Ireland’s Medieval City of Kilkenny and its Castle

Kilkenny’s rich medieval heritage is evident in the city’s treasure trove of historical buildings and landmarks, especially the magnificent Kilkenny Castle.  Kilkenny is Ireland’s most beautiful medieval city.  My day trip from Dublin through Collins Day Tours included this majestic city.  I walked around the castle looking for a variety of perspectives.


The back “yard” goes forever, with its lush and green manicured lawn!


Who doesn’t love fountains!


A couple of young lads enjoying the day!  Nice to see them phone-less.


The city of Kilkenny through my eyes and lens…



“Cuteness” everywhere!


The ducks are making a pattern on the water.


School boys watching life go by…


I think I should have been an architect.  I love looking down lanes with the lines of the buildings converging.


Time for a glass of wine after all of that walking!  Don’t worry I tried the Irish beer also!


Scotland here we come!

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