Crossing the Galata Bridge and sights along the way

The Galata Bridge in Istanbul is symbolic of the link between the traditional old city of Istanbul and neighborhoods to the east that are largely non-Muslim.  The bridge spans the Golden Horn (the primary inlet of the Bosphorus) and has been rebuilt five times.  These are some of the sites I saw on either side of the bridge and on the bridge itself.


I believe we were headed towards Takism Square here…


I’m also a collector of street graffiti “art”!


Nice view of the Bosphorus…




The fishing must be excellent!



Pigeon love (except for their poo-poo)


Istanbul is a city that would take a year or more to fully explore!

11 thoughts on “Crossing the Galata Bridge and sights along the way

  1. I love street art too!! Have you ever been to Bushwick in NYC? Really amazing neighborhood with an outstanding and inspiring story. Murals are part of the transformation. Thanks for your beautiful images of Turkey!


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