Little of this and that in Turkey

These camels were on display in the village near where my group and I were staying in Kayakoy, Turkey.  I’ve ridden a camel in Egypt and have to say I found it to be the least comfortable animal for transport.


But with a face like this…


I was in the midst of speaking with a man about how to get to the tombs of Fethiye when I turned around and saw this lovely painting on the steps.


For the equivalent of $7.00 I had my hair shampooed and blow dried in Istanbul.  I didn’t bring my flat iron with me on the trip due to weight and it was nice to get rid of the frizzies for a few days!


In the town of Fethiye…


This kitty was near Kayakoy…


No matter where you are, there is beauty!

36 thoughts on “Little of this and that in Turkey

  1. I still have my carpet bag that I purchased in Turkey, I remember carrying around this beautiful mosaic bowl to take home to my mum. It fell out of the shelf on the bus. I carted that thing backpacking until we got home and so my mum has it, all glued back together. Turkey is an amazing experience. Your photos are so wonderful and vibrant.


  2. You take some beautiful pictures. You know, I’ve often wondered what is going through the camels’ minds in these groupings. They always look so cerebral and enclosed somehow, like they consent to the privations involved in having us around, rather than submitting to them. Every bit as intriguing as horses.


    • I’ve never thought of that concerning camels, but I would imagine they’ve been taught what happens if they don’t go along with the program. They do have an almost zen look on their faces. Go with the flow! Thanks for the sweet compliment Frederick!


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